Private Events & Live Performances:

2017 - Mike & Mona

Misty is such a professional performer with an amazing voice. Misty has performed for some parties in our home and I can't say enough about the wonderful time everyone has enjoying her music. She plays and tailors her music for what the crowd likes - she always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is enjoying the music and having a great time! If you are lucky enough to have her play at one of your parties, you and your guests will absolutely fall in love with her and her voice - just like we have, and so have all of our friends! She is just amazing! Mike and Mona - St. Pete 2017

1/7/2017 - Cdr Al Lima

What a wonderful time everyone had at our United States Power Squadron party.
This is the one semi formal affair that the group has each year. I had more than a few comments that Misty's music was the " frosting on the cake".
I can not thank you enough for making the event a hit with our members. Play on Misty Hall!

Cdr Al Lima

6/13/2016 - Susan
Misty, Thank you so much for helping to make our rehearsal dinner party a success! Your voice is beautiful, just like you!!

8/31/2015 - Dan and Deb
May 9th 2015. Misty played at our wedding and did a fantastic job. She guided us through the wedding ceremony. The wedding guests enjoyed her music and danced throughout the night. Misty is a true professional and with 29yrs experience in the music business, we highly recommend her for your next event.

8/24/2015 - Lynne

Misty - you never cease to amaze. You were so fantastic at Todd's 50th Birthday Party. I had my office listening to your music. It is breathtakingly amazing. You need to be doing this professionally... you are awesome!!!

2/4/2015 - Jack & Carolyn
We had Misty play at our wedding reception, and act as the "Master of Ceremony"! She was absolutely fabulous. She went the extra mile to learn and perform a couple of special songs for our first dance, the Bride and her son dance, and the Groom and her daughter dance. She kept the pace and had everyone dancing well into the evening. We couldn't be happier with her professionalism and musical skills. She made the evening so much more memorable than we had hoped for.

10/10/2015 - Dr. Ken
My husband and I came to GiGi's tonight after having not been there in at least 6 months. We were seated in the dining room and had no idea you were setting up. When you started to sing and play we never imagined that it was live. We sat back and enjoyed your music so much. Then my husband saw you through an opening and we were astounded. Having a background in music and recording. I started talking about the great mixing job and the great work you had done in digitizing your background music. You took us back to the many times we sat in lounges, sipped wine, and enjoyed the sweet sounds of a combo playing in the corner. Thank you for bring what you brought to our evening.

10/12/2015 - Dawn & Jim

"Misty did a phenomenal job at our wedding! She played all of the songs we requested and then some. At one point, she took the microphone around the room and had people share thoughts and memories about the bride and groom. We loved it! She definitely knows how to please the crowd."

1/19/2012 - Jacquie
Hey Misty - Thanks for the great performance at the NCOA last Sunday. You're a blast! Thanks so much!


CD Reviews:

Larry - Long Island - Misty, I heard you sing at Gigis. You blew me away with your beautiful mellow voice. Your singing was so relaxing I at first didn't realize there was someone actually singing live~! The sad part is that I live on long Island :-( but I was smart to buy your CD. I have been listening to it since coming home. You are like the female Frank Sinatra. Please cut another CD.

Mona and Mike - WOW :-) :-) - what a great CD!We listen to your CD more than any other CD we own!

Barbara - :-) Your CD is so Beautiful !! Everyone should get a CD,
beautuful voice and relaxing soothing songs.

Larry - Hi Misty ... every time I listen to your CD I think of Nov 2011 when we were down to FL for my nephew's wedding n' we had dinner @ Gigi's n' heard you singing. Your mellow voice is so nice to listen to. Still #1 in my 12 CD changer~!! Good luck with your career.

Adrian - Your new CD is great too. You can count on me to keep your music alive.

Carm - You have an exceptional voice and a remarkable talent. Your CD is superb and is now one of my favorites. I'm in hopes that you will produce another one as I'll be first in line to buy one.

Bob - Purchased your new CD while I was at Gigi's. Great choice of songs and all the tracks were professionally done. My wife and I will enjoy this CD for many years. Thank you.

Don - Misty, Thanks for the CD it was well worth the wait!!!! Very nice, I like the way you personalized it. Your voice is well...."Golden". I am impressed with every song on it. Great job!!

John - Hi Misty, I've listened to your CD many times and have found it thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting. You have such a sweet voice and a loveable spirit. Have it loaded on my laptop and listening now.

Gigi- :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)Misty,i am very proud of your C.D.is great!!!!! love the voice,sound,background etc,.i play it in the car and i am dancing in the car also is the car !! I hope the next C.D.u have (at last) in the mix.

Renald - Hi Misty, I purchased one of your CDs and wanted to let you
know how I liked it. The Cd is great. I have listened to it multiple times already. I love your voice, your style and you make it seem so effortless when you sing. I just love listening to you and
the songs you sing.

Alan - Misty, enjoyed your performance and listening to your CD on the way home... Great song choice.

Joe - ...your CD refreshed me and I look forward to your next one.

John & Nancy - Hey Misty, Great Christmas CD. Listened a few times and are really enjoying. Thanks

Bill - Misty, I have been listening to your CD constantly since I left Friday evening. I can close my eyes and it is as if you are in the room.

Carl - I always enjoy your live performance. Your CD is a great way to enjoy your music at any time. Look forward to listening to you live and your next CD.

Larry - Been 10 weeks since leaving Fl. :-( Still listening to Misty's CD. I love to hear her soft mellow voice then she changes to the more powerful voice in a particular song... just an amazing singer. MISTY~!!, we need another CD from you~! Happy Holidays.


Mike - I heard your CD at a friend' :-) s house...NICE WORK!!


Carl - Hi Misty, Loved the CD I bought last Friday night. You have sung me to sleep a couple of night this past week. I am sure a lot of hard work went into making this CD. Hope to get into Gigi's and here you live again.